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Exemption from electric steam boiler

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Structural features:

 1. The water volume of the furnace body is small, and the steam production is fast, meeting the needs of users;

 2. The large-capacity steam chamber in the upper part of the main body and the steam-water separation measures in the pot ensure high-quality steam at any time;

 3. The furnace body has built-in extremely low water level protection device to detect the change of water level in the furnace body at any time to avoid dry burning of the furnace body and cause safety accidents;

 4, equipped with high-quality safety valve, globe valve, liquid level electrode (Japan Omron) pressure gauge and pressure controller and other safety accessories to ensure reliable operation;

 5, equipped with high-quality water level gauge, the boiler water level is clear and arguable;

6, vertical structure, compact and beautiful, small footprint, elegant shape, bright color;

 7 Optional high-performance control system, strong anti-interference ability, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable work, ensuring long-term stable operation of the boiler in harsh environment;

 Protective function:

 1. Over-temperature interlock protection: When the temperature inside the boiler exceeds the set value, the heater is prohibited from working and an alarm is given.

2. Water shortage protection: When the boiler is short of water, the heating tube control circuit is cut off in time to prevent the furnace body from being burnt and damaged, and the controller issues a water shortage alarm indication.


TSG G0001-2012 "Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations" related provisions for Class D boilers

1.4.4 Class D boiler

 (1) steam boiler, p ≤ 0.8MPa, and 30L ≤ V ≤ 50L;

The LDR0.1-0.7 electric steam boiler produced by our company has a normal water capacity of 49.6L, which meets the above requirements. According to TSG G0001-2012 "Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations", pages 66~68:

13 D boiler

13.4 Installation

(1) Steam boilers, hot water boilers and organic heat carrier boilers may not have separate boiler rooms, and the steam boiler installation location shall be effectively isolated from non-operators;

(2) Steam boilers, hot water boilers and organic heat carrier boilers do not require installation instructions and do not implement installation supervision and inspection;


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